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Thank you for your interest in the Sancta Devota Foundation and for the trust you place in us by submitting your project online. The amount of support from the Foundation cannot exceed €10,000 or exceed 40% of the total amount of the project. So that your request is finalized and that we can analyze it, it is essential to complete all the information marked in red (fields to fill in and documents to send). The icon (i) will inform you about certain points. Once this operation is complete, you have the possibility of saving the form in order to modify it or read it again before sending. In However, as soon as you submit this form, it is no longer possible to rectify it. In these 2 cases, you will receive a confirmation email. Take your time to complete this document because if it is complete and precise, we will have all the elements of analysis of your request and can be the pleasure of collaborating together.


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